"True North" is the Guiding point of your compass:

your values, your principles, your true path.

For me, that true path is to use my expertise to advance core American values through researching the forces distorting our democracy.

That's why I created True North Research. Through this consulting group, I can do targeted political and policy research that advances the common good by helping to protect our planet and our future.

My focus is on corporations and execs underwriting a reactionary agenda that undermines our nation's commitment to core principles:

  • that all people are created equal,

  • that our Constitution is premised on the promise that it will promote the general welfare of our people, and

  • that our nation should be a bright beacon for liberty, equality, and ingenuity in the world. 

For more than two decades, I have used my research skills to help advance these values, and in the process I have been in the thick of almost every major public policy debate in our country.