Lisa Graves leads True North Research. Evan Vorpahl is a researcher. Sari Williams works on web development and outreach. Alyssa Bowen, Calvin Sloan and Max Abbott are research fellows.

For press inquiries, please contact Kyle Moler, kyle AT

Lisa also directs as part of her work at True North. She curates KochDocs, which collects documents about Charles Koch and his empire, with Connor Gibson of Greenpeace. also collaborates with DeSmog on profiles for their Koch Network Database and with the Climate Investigations Center on archival research.

Lisa recently wrote an op-ed featuring her new research showing how the Koch fortune underwrote the Buckley v. Valeo litigation attacking anti-corruption laws (the Federal Election Campaign Act) and other suits against the FECA, laying the foundation for the discredited Citizens United decision that has caused a tsunami of dark money to swamp our elections.

True North is seeking research fellows as well as interns for 2021. If you are interested in applying, please contact us using the contact form.

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