I chose the name “True North” for this new investigative research watchdog because our precious planet and America’s great experiment in democracy are threatened by special interests dominating politics and policy–and we need the truth and compelling stories that touch our hearts to see our way through this crisis.

I know investigations and reporting can shine a bright light on distortion, illuminate the public understanding, and ignite efforts to protect our democracy. And I wanted to more nimbly do targeted public policy research and writing that advances the common good–helping to protect our planet and our future.


Our focus is on front groups, corporations, and people underwriting a reactionary agenda that undermines our nation’s commitment to core principles:

  • that all people are created equal,
  • that our Constitution is premised on the promise that our republic—our government in our democracy—will promote the general welfare of We, the people, and
  • that our nation should be a bright beacon for liberty, equality, and ingenuity in the world. 

For many years, I have used my research skills to help advance these values, and in the process I have been in the thick of almost every major national domestic policy issue in our country for the past two decades.

True North is the newest platform I have created or guided to publish original research and analysis of issues that matter for Americans’ well-being. True North spearheads research projects suchs as KochDocs.org and iwfexposed.org, which focus on groups distorting our democracy.

Please sign up through our contact form to get my updates about breaking news, breakthrough research, and compelling stories that tell the truth and expose the liars funded by reactionary front groups, corporations, and CEOs and their heirs.

—Lisa Graves, Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief/Managing Editor 

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