TNR in Popular Information: “Inside the Campaign to Cancel Sex Ed”

“At the end of June, right-wing advocacy group Moms for Liberty held its annual summit in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The summit included a session called ‘Comprehensive Sex Education: Sex Ed or Sexualization’ led by conservative education activist Kelly Schenkoske. The forum was part of a larger effort to eliminate or reconstruct sex ed classes in public schools. 

The session was closed to members of the media, but Popular Information obtained a recording of the presentation from True North Research. 

During the session, Schenkoske strongly objected to the concept of ‘consent’ being included in sex ed curriculum. She argued that teaching kids about consent is counterproductive and leaves children vulnerable to sexual exploitation. ‘[K]ids are often taught to be obedient.’ Schenkoske said. ‘And to teach kids consent is a shift away from really strongly teaching, it’s okay to have those really strong boundaries and to say no, because not always do kids have that faculty to strongly say no.’”

Read the full story in the Popular Information newsletter.

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