Sample Price List of RAGA’s Pay-to-Play Operation

Sample Price List of RAGA’s Pay-to-Play Operation

The Republican Attorneys General Association is, and always has been, a pay-to-play operation.

Here is one of many samples of its price sheet for special access to the top law enforcement officers in each state. Leonard Leo, who hand-picked the judges Donald Trump chose from for the U.S. Supreme Court, is the biggest funder of RAGA through the non-profit groups closely tied to him. They have given RAGA $21 million since 2014.

If $125K gets a company the kind of access below, what does $21 million buy? It appears to procure state Attorneys General aligned with Leo’s regressive agenda to limit access to abortion and more. It also appears to get state AGs willing to attack the DC Attorney General for daring to investigate complaints the Leo has engaged in self-dealing, claims Leo denies that the other non-profits he steers money to hire his for-profit firm, CRC Advisors, enriching himself.

Guess whether RAGA has hired Leo’s CRC Advisors, paying it a monthly retainer? Yes, it has.

See the price sheet below.

RAGA Pay-to-Play Price List from FOIA

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